Lesson 1, Topic 1

EQ 基础

EQ Fundamentals 英文視頻  EQ 基礎 中文視頻

Organized them into groups, not competing with each other. 分類而不互相競爭

  1. What is EQ? 什麽是EQ
    • Low, mid, high-frequency 低/中/高的頻率
    • Instruments frequency 樂器的頻率
    • Human frequency 人聲的頻率
    • Adjusting frequency 調整頻率
    • Frequency response 頻率響應
    • Read and hear different frequency 分辨不同頻率
    • How to save the frequency 保存頻
  2. Compression 壓縮器 
  3. Gate 噪聲閘
  4. Limiter 壓限器
  5. Hand-on Practice 實體操練


Electric Guitar 電吉他
Mostly flat – great amp/source. Remove: above 6K, 120 kHz. Add a high pass filter above 6K.

Bass Guitar 貝斯吉他
Add 80 kHz to 500/1000 kHz. Use Low Pass Filter (Cut out High Frequency)

Vocal 人聲
Remove 250 Hz below, 400kHz; remove low mid

Audience Mic 會眾
Warm in mid-range. Remove All Low End. (High Pass Filter 8kHz)

Acoustic Drum 架子鼓
Overhead Mic – Remove Low, under 300 kHz
Snare: Add– High End, Remove: Low End
Kick: Remove: Low 300 to 500 kHz. Add 50 kHz

Mixing is the art of conditioning individual audio tracks and putting them in the best possible form. Then, fitting the tracks together, and finally bundling them into a single stereo track.