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  1. Overview of production and mixing. 製作與混音概論
    a. Why are we need mixing/production
    b. Introduce FBC’s Live Stream and FOH/IEM.
  2. Mixing Concept 混音概念
    a. Knowing your source of reference. 歌曲音源參考標準
    b. 2 to 3 elements to focus on. 專注在二至三個音樂元素
    i. Drum 鼓 (rhythmic 節奏),
    ii. Bass 貝斯 (harmonic 和聲)
    iii. Lead vocal 主音 (Melodic 旋律).
  3. YouTube Video on different mixes. Youtube 範例中的不同混音
    a. Preferences 個人喜好
    b. Pros and Cons 優缺點